Vision & Mission


To restore Buddhist teachings and to apply these teachings properly to events relating to the economy, social life and culture in accordance with changing world environments. Buddha-dhamma is one of the most important elements in the educational process of the World Buddhist University. Buddha-dhamma will be transmitted to sentient beings for the peace and happiness of the many and out of Compassion of the World.


The mission of the University is in accordance with the instruction given by the Lord Buddha to the first group of disciples prior to their going forth to various regions of the World. He spoke, "Go ye now, and wander for the gain of the many, for the welfare of the many, out for compassion of the world, for the good, for the gain, for the welfare of deities and human beings. Preach, Bhikhus, the doctrine (the Dhamma) which is glorious in the beginning, glorious in the middle, glorious at the end, in spirit and in the letter, proclaim a consummate, perfect and pure life of holiness." With such perspective, the university will encourage the scholars to become well versed in Buddhist scriptures and experience the profundity of Dhamma through spiritual practice.


All for the World Buddhist University through a sense of sharing and cooperation with cooperation of the networks both in Thailand and abroad.