On March 27th-28th, 2015, the World Buddhist University in conjunction with the Department of Philosophy, Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy and the Department of Ethics, Hokkaido University, Japan, held an International Conference on the topic, “Animal Rights Values and Preservation: Buddhist Ethics and Altruistic Practices“ at Hokkaido University, Japan.


During the first day of the Conference, following the welcome speech by Prof. Tomoyuku Yamada, Head of Department of Philosophy and Director of Center for Applied Ethics and  philosophy, a paper was presented by Prof. Koji Nagatogawa from Hokkaido University on the topic, “Capabilities for Elephants: Prof. Fritz Wallner’s notion of Strangification and a community of mahouts and elephants in Thailand”.


Later in the morning, a paper by the WBU Vice Rector of Academic affairs, Dr. Pataraporn Sirikanchana titled, “The Reflection knowledge and moral Values of Buddhists  in Animal Protection and Preservation“, was delivered. 


In the afternoon session, Dr. Porntipa Bantomsin, from Thailand presented a paper on "The controversy of Animal Rights and Human Values". This was followed by followed by a paper presentation by Dr. Banjob Bannaruji, Director of the WBU Institute of Spiritual Practice, titled  “Animal Rights in Buddhist Ethics”. The final paper for the day was presented by Mr. Richard Stone from Hokkaido University’s  Department of Ethics. It was titled, "Animals as Citizen of the Community”.


The next day, March 28th Ms. Sakura Sasaki, a graduate student from Hokkaido University, presented the  last papers on the topic, "The Problem of Proposition Attitudes and animal Minds”. This was

followed by discussions before the end of the conference.


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